Sunday, March 31, 2013

Pledge and Paint Your Pinky Nail Blue !

Pledge To Take A Stand Against Sexual Violence and Bullying "Because We Can, !" ♥
Paint your pinky nail blue
Take a picture and send it in , ill post it on here !

At fifteen I was sexually assaulted on a High school campus by two boys.

I was affected by the assualt tremendusly When I came back to school I was bullied and harrassed because no one believed me and thought it was a joke. The people I called my Best friends or friends were against me and talked about me . Its crazy how Highschool works. This made me think about alot and was a wake up call to seeing how people are make wrong desicions that can lead to a crime, how others judge you and are really not your friends. The problem I'm addressing is bullying and sexual violence ! I still am being bullied. I see and read news about teens that commit suicide because of bullying. I want to stop and help others to make a change and speak up when you witness someone being bullied because the bystanders of bullying is just as wrong as the ones doing the bullying. I also want Sexual violence to decrease and for Our Government to focus more on Preventing Sexual Violence. My project shows and tells facts about others and storys of young kids that have the same situation as me or even being bullied. (info on how many kids commit suicide from bully, and facts about bullies) Me being bullied and Sexually assualted and having to wake up and go to school and face the harrassment everyday inspired me to speak up and break the silence and Pain for the world especially teens...... Read More on My sexual assualt story.

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  1. Hi Michayla,

    Just dropping by to say I am amazed and inspired by what you are doing to raise awareness of sexual assault and bullying. As a fellow highschool student, I understand the brutal social dynamics which exclude the honest or courageous and admire your ability to speak out for what is right.

    I wish you all the best with your campaign and am sure that someday your classmates will wish they had befriended and encouraged a resilient and inspiring person like you rather than succumbing to their own restrictions and small-mindedness.

    Remember that you will go far in life, and you have more support than you think :)