My Bullying Story.

November 11th, 2012, When I was Sexually Assualted At Fifteen And Then Came Along Bullying Because No One Believed Me………
Bullying : The process of intimidating or mistreating a weaker person. There was a girl that had friends and went to school to learn and to see her friends. She laughed, loved, lived and always smiled. She talked to almost everyone and had a great going life. Until… November 11th, 2012. She had no more friends. She went to school and got bullied. She doesn’t laugh and if she does its just to cover those tears. She doesn’t get any love or support. She definitely doesn’t want to live and never has a reason to smile. Nobody ever talks to her friendly and if they do it’s a rude comment. Her life is gone. She knows there’s no reason for her to live anymore. She has thoughts, but she wants to be strong, until morning, the people she used to call her friends wants to fight her. There was no where to go. She had no support. She’s told that she shouldn’t even be alive and she needs to die. She’s called names like easy, dumb, stupid, slut, hoe, fat, useless ugly and many more inappropriate words. The question is what happened? Why doesn’t anyone help her or support her? There’s name calling and pushing. Everyone hates her and she wants to give up. She wants to throw in the towel and let them win. She’s alone and nobody ever speaks up. Why won’t anyone SPEAK UP? Over 300 kids everyday witness her get talked about and never says a word. Everyone looks at her and thinks she’s crazy. The one word that brings her down is “LIAR !” You should ask why? Why would this ordinary word hurt a person? Well, she was sexually assaulted… by people she knew, people she hung around, people she’d call her friends. Never in a million years would you think someone so close would do something to hurt or harm you. Well it happened and it happened to her. Nobody believes her and they’re all against her. People think she’s telling a big lie.

People hear false stories and lies and think they know what happened, but they don’t. She wants everyone to know that she would never make something up like that. People don’t know this because they were very quick to hear rumors and believe them. They gang up on her before, during , and after school. Everyone talks and stares even after 2 months. Some laugh and some talk, but its all bullying. Cyber bullying included. It was 24/7. You don’t know how this girl feels because your not the one getting insulted. Nobodys Listening. She had something very serious and real happen to her and then came along bullying and no human took the time to hear her or to listen. When she returned to school her peers judged her quickly and didn’t hear her pain that she wanted everyone to know about. Yet, nobody sees her pain and that she really was hurt because she saves the tears for home. The days she’s absent from school are the days she can’t take it. Nobody knows her story or what she’s going through now and to add to it Bullying ! What can she do? NOTHING ! Its everyone against her and the ones that are not against her are afraid to speak up. Maybe two or three have said something positive to help, but the rest still give in. She feels like she deserves it. She cries everyday. People never realized how much they were hurting her. No matter what she can’t help the others that don’t want to be helped. She can’t stop them, but she knows she can help the others in the future. She wants to save someone from committing suicide because of bullying. Nobody should ever witness or go through this. She may be going through this and she may be already hurt and damaged by this, but she can save someone else by talking about it to other teenagers’ and speaking up !

 Please if you see someone getting bullied which is saying negative words or even sending them in a message… SPEAK UP & STAND UP. Very few does for her, but she manages to stay strong. Bullying is not RIGHT! You may say that the kids that report that there being bullied want attention… Well I promise you that they don’t want that and by bullying them you’re giving them ATTENTION already. If you see it …STOP IT!! This girl is damaged physically and bullied. No one is doing anything about it. MAKE THE RIGHT CHOICE and STAND UP & HELP SOMEONE YOU SEE ALONE AND HURTING. You will be making a huge difference and you most definitely will feel a lot better. This is SERIOUS and you might just be one who said something mean towards that person and they ended up hurting themselves. You will REGRET it. Make a change and be POSITIVE. Till this day many teenagers deaths are because of being bullied severely.

 —“Take Action.” -Michayla L. Owens (This was her) February 3rd 2013 …..

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